“OS escape” business breakfast with entrepreneurs

“OS escape” business breakfast with entrepreneurs
02.06.2019 admin
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On February 13, 2019, “OS Escape” business breakfast was held with entrepreneurs.
Over morning coffee we met new interesting people and discussed the following:
— the existing approaches: tools, practices, technologies;
— how we`ve done it: the unique experience of Qubit Business Duet through enterprises in the К2В Sector;
— how you can do this: opportunities, risks, prospects.
The main points:
1. There is no magic wand! We are the magic wand for us!
2. Director should want to take the power and the company into his management, because the power cannot be transferred, it can only be taken!
3. Business must run without its owner. Otherwise, it’s self-employment.
4. You should leave for something, not from something.