The round table with Kommersant Publishing House “Intellectual Production: Knowledge to Business”

The round table with Kommersant Publishing House “Intellectual Production: Knowledge to Business”
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On September 7, 2017, together with Kommersant Publishing House, we held a round table “Intelligent Production: Knowledge to Business” in St. Petersburg.

In the course of the event, experts and managers in legal, financial, HR consulting, journalism and business education, advertising and banking services were able to share their opinions on the topical issues of intellectual production organizing amid the growing demand for intellectual services.

Valery Platonov and Pavel Savchenko (Qubit Business Duet) noticed that intellectual production in the К2В Sector is the production of knowledge through human intelligence with the result and subject of labour in the form of information and knowledge, activities based on the scientific organisation of intellectual labour, with a high degree of automation and technologicalization, as well as freedom of owners from operational management and production activities.
Andrey Kurpatov (the founder of Beautiful Mind Intellectual Cluster) told about the capabilities and limitations of our brain, the impact of modern technology on the intellectual activity of man.
In the course of “How to automate creative work and intellectual activity?” discussion the following persons shared their experience: Konstantin Bocharsky (Pressfeed), Anton Fedchin (Odnoklassniki project), Alexander Belozerchik (“Speech Technology Center”), Roslov Andrey (InoGroup), Leonid Shapiro (GammaMedia).

Maxim Dyshlyuk (National Center for Intellectual Capital), Valery Platonov (Qubit Business Duet), Victor Naumov (Dentons) presented various positions on the issue of intellectual property security and capitalization of the intellectual labour results.
Olga Beglova (EY Academy of Business), Alexander Alkhov (Cours Burg), Irina Alisova (ITMO), Ruslan Aligadzhiev (Intercomp) told about professional competencies of the expert in intellectual production, the endangered jobs and the future professions, as well as the specialist training for the К2В Sector

The discussion was very interesting and became a bright emotional event in the Russian business community.

The event confirmed the following statement by the famous economist and publicist Thomas Stewart, “Today we no longer need to talk about an economy based on knowledge and intellectual capital. But we still have much to learn about the knowledge-intensive economy sequences for ways leaders create strategies, develop products and services, customer relationships and manage companies.”

Thank you all for organising, participating and showing interest in this round table. We hope our further events on topical issues Intellectual Production organising and managing will enjoy the same interest of experts of the business community in our country.

The event photos are in the our group album.