“Intellectual Stream” symposium

“Intellectual Stream” symposium
17.09.2017 admin
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Briefly about the current news and issues in the #К2В market in Russia
On October 11, 2018 in Moscow, within the expert session “Knowledge management. Standards and Practices” initiated by Qubit Business Duet and KM Alliance, “Intellectual Stream symposium” was held.

The members were managers and owners of intellectual service companies for business: WorkLine Group, ASTRA Association of Strategic Auto-sourcing, Pax Tecum, LLC, Forrester Research Russia, representative of higher education and business education: National Research University High School of Economics, Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, the Information science issues center INION RAN – Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian academy of Sciences, start-up founders and accelerators: EdTechTeam, GVA, Know Flow, etc.

The symposium moderators – Valriy Platonov and Pavel Savchenko (Qubit Business Duet, the К2В authors), Yulia Brovkina and Oleg Lavrov (KM-Alliance) – discussed the topical issues of #К2В market together with the symposium members:
• features of interaction of the market entities: intellectual capitalists, intellectual proletarians, intellectual entrepreneurs,
• characteristics of intellectual production as a process of an intellectual product creating for business and as a process of business intellectualization,
• the impact of the knowledge economy on the development of intellectual production in Russia,
• the importance of wright package for an intelligent product sales,
• digitalization of the intellectual service company activity.
• the lack of qualified specialists in the country to consult intellectual businesses: consultants/ coaches/mentors, due mainly to the complexity of such a project technological development, as opposed to creating a restaurant or manufacturing business. As we know, this requires unique managerial competencies allowing to create something new/non-standard and interesting in a context of uncertainty. Do you know many of these?)

Apart from the above, as Yulia Brovkina correctly noted, all symposium participants solid agreed that there was a problem “that there is no institution to teach intellectual entrepreneurs. The tertiary education system, postgraduate and doctoral programs, and much less Russian business schools are not about that. But we need them very much. This is a problem to be solved at the federal level.”

A lively discussion of those interested in creative ideas and new solutions, introducing modern technologies and highly intelligent services, implementing specialized educational programmes in the market of intelligent services, formed a willingness among participants to cooperate and a desire to contribute to the development of the К2В Sector.

Thanks to all the speakers and guests for their active participation in the open lively discussion about the formation of the intellectual services market in Russia.