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Last December, in St. Petersburg in Planetarium No. 1, Intellectual Capitalist-2017, the second all-Russian open inter-industry contest, was held. The event was organised by the communication agency Business Keys, the business magazine Expert North-West and the Qubit Business Duet. This economic race of the best ones in the industry K2B (knowledge to business) is aimed at supporting, developing and promoting the business of companies engaged in intellectual work. The ideologists of the Intelligent Flow project and the contest founders, the Qubit Business Duet represented by entrepreneurs Valery Platonov and Pavel Savchenko, are sure that the country’s economy urgently needs the knowledge-intensive industry to be developed. During the contest, companies which successfully build their business in the intellectual sphere have a chance to show themselves to the professional community and significantly expand the range of their opportunities. “To find and support the brightest representatives of the new economy in Russia is the aim of our contest,” said Valery Platonov and Pavel Savchenko. “We want to create a platform to share experience and original practices in business based on intellectual work, to promote implementation of new ideas and projects through integration of companies in different areas of the intellectual services industry from different regions of the country.”

Companies rendering services in business education, audit, marketing, engineering, IT and organisational consulting, industrial design, PR, advertising, financial activities and banking, and legal support could take part in the contest. The first year award covered two categories “Intellectual Production” for companies with a high share of intellectual labour and “Intellectual Labour Expert” for employees increasing the intellectual capital of their companies. “Intellectual Capitalist – 2017” added the third category of “The Best Publication” for scientific and business publications in intellectual services, intellectual capital management and organisation of intellectual production. The “Intellectual Capitalist” has a two-million prize fund, the winners in the first category were awarded 1 million rubles, in the second and third categories – 500 thousand rubles. The decision was made by independent experts, authoritative representatives of science, education and business: Marina Doroshenko (PhD in Economics, Professor of the Department of Applied Institutional Economics in Lomonosov Moscow State University), Elena Yufereva (Director General of Brandson Branding Agency), Oleg Lavrov (Chairman of Board of KM-Alliance Associations of Knowledge Management Specialists and Experts, Moscow), Evgeniy Demin (SPLAT General Director, Moscow), Valery Platonov and Pavel Savchenko (Qubit Business Duet).

The winner awarding ceremony for the prize “Intellectual Capitalist – 2017” was held in the creative space of Planetarium No. 1. A modern show venue in the centre of St. Petersburg is an ideal place for projects of representatives of the best companies in the K2B sector. Moreover, the award ceremony at the hi-tech building with the largest in the world dome gave the event a special atmosphere of inaccessibility. The diameter of the dome-screen is 37 meters, and the main equipment system has 40 projectors that allow broadcasting the unique multimedia content. K2B, or Knowledge to Business, is a key sector of intellectual services in the new economy. Guests and participants in the annual ceremony are companies and experts rendering intellectual services in mass media and marketing, business education and engineering, audit and consulting, finance and law, information and digital technology.

The Intellectual Capitalist winners were awarded the prize certificates for 2 million rubles in total provided by the award founders. Nine finalists in three categories of the open contest received memorable gifts by the Bookvoed book network. Marina Bogomyagkova, Director General and Editor-in-Chief of the Expert North-West business magazine, is sure that the recipe for any successful project is a professional dedicated team.“ There is a person or a business team behind every project and achievement submitted to the contest. When you have come a long intellectual way, you can take a short break, to chat with your colleagues and to enjoy a pleasant evening. This celebration is for the winners,” she says.

The winners of the Open Inter-Industry Contest “Intellectual Capitalist – 2017” in keeping with the best dramatic traditions of premium events were not disclosed until the very last moment. In the category “Intellectual Labour Expert”, Daniel Lurie and Denis Tsyplakov, representatives of DataArt HR Communication (St. Petersburg), won. The company has existed since 1997 in the field of designing, development, modernization and support of IT solutions in the financial industry, healthcare, telecom, tourism, media and the Internet of things. DataArt actively applies the relocation program, in other words, helps colleagues who moved to get faster used to the new city: the company advises, takes care of expenses, helps in preparing the necessary work documents.

The category “The Best Publication” was won by Tatyana Gaponenko, PhD in economic sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Management, Don State Technical University, for her article “The Role of Risks in the Formation and Ensuring Growth of the Value of the Organisation’s Intellectual Capital” (Rostov-on-Don). The article uniqueness is in proving the significance of accounting and risk management within forming the value of the company intellectual capital and in determining еру priority of managerial solutions in the field of intellectual capital. The laureates received a cash prize of 500 thousand rubles. The award of 1 million rubles in the category “Intellectual Production” went to the Bureau of Engineering for the Climate Life project (St. Petersburg). Of course, the environment topic always remains an advanced problem requiring innovative approaches. In January 2017, the Bureau of Engineering developed the project “An Integrated Combination System for a High-quality Microclimate in Educational, Administrative and Public Buildings” or “Climate Life.” The system is based on the collaboration of two terminal devices: a cold/warm air-to-air ceiling and a thermo-active plate. Climate Life offers two solutions within the same system and provides an alternative to heating and air conditioning. This is beneficial from an investment point of view and from a timing point of view: the costs and periods for the Climate Life designing and installation are reduced by one and a half. Bypassing complex automation systems, the project provides individual and zonal temperature control, thereby creating soft comfort in the rooms. This development of the Bureau of Engineering is a vivid example of how effectively can be use of your own intellect, you can build a creative economy. “In the modern world, the part of intellectual services and intellectual production is increasing every day. Today, intellectual “capitalists” can and should realize their potential,” emphasize Valery Platonov and Pavel Savchenko, the members of the Qubit Business Duet and the contest founders and ideologists. ” Our award is just tailored for this and proves that the future of Russia lies with the experts like our winners and diplomats.

The final ceremony of the annual award “Intellectual Capitalist – 2017” was a reception where representatives of the advanced companies in Knowledge to Business discussed the current news and shared their plans for next year. The event was supported with jazz accompaniment! The most intelligent genre perfectly matched the general ambiance. The leading musical star of Planetarium No. 1 Tanina L’odore performed compositions in the popular Brazilian genre – Bosa Nova.